If the partner is upset that the 7 words are too early to know what will be good for the heart?

Learn ways to make your mind better

If the partner is upset that the 7 words are too early to know what will be good for the heart...

Depression is a wake-up call to a man who cannot reduce his loneliness even from those around him. This man is suffering from both physical and mental harm. But what he says will be good in his mind, but a little less depression, we can not understand that many of us.

A person who suffers from depression gets a lot of trouble when people around him do not want to understand how much depression is actually affecting their lives. Depression can never be dismissed as an issue in Elle. Understand how important the matter is in the life of that person. When he finds out that you understand his problem, you can share his trouble. See what you can say to make a depressed person's mind better.

(1) I'm on your side
Sometimes a little thing that is too small for you, is a great achievement for a depressed person. You will find a lot of confidence in one of these words, he will realize there are people nearby to help him. In the fight against depression, you can rely on him in such a small way so that you can trust him.

(2) You are not alone
Depression can lead to feeling like walking alone through a dark tunnel. She thinks no one will support her, her life will be cut in the midst of lonely depression. It is very important for her to feel that there is someone next to her on this journey. It was a big achievement to overcome this loneliness.

(3) You have no fault here
In many cases, people in the family do not realize that depression is a complication from which they cannot be excluded if they wish. Because of their misconception, the person suffering from depression continues to feel guilty, which makes his mental state worse. At such a time, if he is shown that he is not at fault, then he can feel very light. His suffering is reduced.

(4) I'm going with you
While it may seem easy for us to go alone, it is not easy for a person suffering from depression. Maybe he is going to the therapist or going to buy drugs or just walking out, and your partner will trust him at that time too. It is not possible to relieve depression in one day. But if you accompany him, he will realize that no matter how long it takes, he is getting along.

(5) What can I do for you?
You can suggest something for him. Even if there is not much to do for him, he will still understand that you are comfortable with his ease. It is very important to bring her back to normal life.

(6) What are you thinking about?
Depressed people often worry about suicide or physical harm. These thoughts do not say that they do not say it, but many times you cannot say it because no one asks. You can hear his words. You can tell him that it is normal to feel these thoughts because of depression, but it should not be harmful to do so.

(7) Silence
It is not always the case that he has to make himself known. At times, the silent presence of a human being causes a lot of peace to a depressed person.